you support the FCA???? how so

How do you support the FCA until they get rowdy with a funeral director? I am so glad the judge was not related to the the funeral director in this case. A local judge here in Louisiana told a family, “my family was in the funeral business for 40 years and I will never rule against them.” The first female senator in LOUISIANA was a woman who owns around 10 funeral homes and has her daughter on the louisiana funeral board right now. Did Josh say it’s a state law you have to purchase a vault? Did Josh say we bury treasure but burn the trash? Did Josh say he won’t accept your insurance unless you purchase everything funeral related from him? Did Josh say it is illegal to purchase caskets anywhere but the funeral home? Did Josh void a school nurse’s burial policy she paid $500 for when minimum wage was $1/hr and bill her $8000-$500=$7500 No, these are the things we want to stop. Funeral homes want to keep scaring people into overpaying. I am currently being subpoenaed to the la funeral board for advertising and referring families to funeral homes. The funeral industry wants to make me stop informing consumers about their right of choice and how to save thousands by shopping around (yes, even a funeral). I want to take them to federal court myself, but I don’t want them to fold. I want them to pay! If you support consumer choice like the FCA, how can you be against deconstructing any funeral home? Are you guilty of robbing the elderly? Then you have nothing to worry about, right. If you are guilty, you have something to worry about. Funeral directors here say that I am a known felon. I have one speeding ticket, guess that’s it. How did they find out. The court ruled correctly. If FCA misquoted, mislead, or tried to tarnish a truly good person the court should have ruled against them. But I know of no influence the consumer group would have over that judge like kinship, money or political influence. I can not say how pleased the funeral consumer alliance was not stifled by a corrupt funeral, political or judicial system. Consumers deserve free speech and free trade.

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