I purchased two indoor crypts several years ago but now have been taking more of an interest due to a diagnosis of a terminal disease. I’ve been to the mausoleum several times in the last few months. There is a very strong odor in there; not particularly that of discomposing bodies but more of an embalming fluid, chemical kind of smell. The casket that I chose is a Batesville with the seal. From reading these comments I think I am better off to choose a less expensive coffin minus the “seal” feature because I don’t really care about being preserved, nearly as much as becoming a toxic stew. I’m completely happy to just dessicate and become a skeleton. Burial is simply not an option for me personally because of the claustaphobia issues and cremation is out as well. Do you think that the mortuary would answer my questions honestly if I asked to meet with them about my concerns, ie: the odor, the decomposition, the seal?

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