Why Can’t Death Be Beautiful, Instead of Just Depressing? [Slideshow]

Fast Company’s Co.Design
Sept 30, 2010

A minimalist funeral home filled with light and surrounded by stunning views.

Funeral homes are too damned depressing. All that studied gravity: the mahogany, the bizarre Greek columns, the freakish dearth of windows — it’s enough to make us think we’re the ones in a coffin.

It doesn’t have to be that way, as a striking new funeral parlor in coastal Spain demonstrates. The Funeral Home and Garden in Pinoso, by COR architects, is audaciously modern, a low-slung boxy thing tucked into a hillside, with a shiny black edifice that’d look terribly morose if not broken up by courtyards and generous stretches of glass.

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The Funeral Home and Garden in Pinoso, Spain

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