unethical practices of sci dignity memorial

I was employed by sci two different times with a total of about 7 years. I can’t even stress to families how unethical this organization was. Rats ate a couple of toes off of a deceased person and I was to remain quiet. They would also show a rental casket with an insert to families, but would give them a different type of insert called a euroconainer that did not fit in the rental casket. We had to use old casket interiors to disguise it to make it look like what they chose. I was told to keep my mouth shut or I would face termination. Well….I kept my mouth shut…but still did no good! I’ve been fired by this deceptive company for unsatisfactory performance…so they say!….but in reality it was because I didn’t pressure families into buying high priced merchandise. Seems to me they are a company of liers, cheaters, and only care about whats in your wallet. $3000 direct cremations are ridiculas! As well as a $275 partical board piece of shit urn made in china they get for $12 bucks. Want to trust these jerks! I don’t! …and I worked there….I KNOW!

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