Tyler Cassity

Tyler Cassity is sitting in his tower office at Hollywood Forever, with an occasional visit to Fernwood in Marin County, driving one of his matching BMW 650s. Nothing has changed isuy right–the Cassity family is as dishonest and arrogant as ever. Upset wrote: “Nothing has changed as far as the consumer is concerned,” Hahahahaha! Thats a lie!!!! People better get mad and check on their pre paid funeral plans! Where are the Cassity’s???? No one seems to care they have not been arrested! This guy served time in the fed pen in the early 80’s and all lawmakers let him continue his shady buniness! Why? Because they gave lots and lots of money to them! Hope all you funeral directors that did business with them enjoyed the NPS chicks and mini vacations on your grieving families $$$$$$!!!!

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