To Hillary Clinton & Thomas Jefferson

Hillary & Thomas, You are both right in your points. As a former employee of NPS & Forever, there was a great deal of attention paid to how the representatives of NPS looked. (and as I commented at one convention, the trashier, the better). But the problem was in the forms and agreements. Everyone had a different agreement based on how many funeral services an individual funeral home was doing. Some of the wording was so vague (aimed at older, more honest funeral home owners) and then the agreements that were written like a 40 volume tax law books, created to confuse anyone. For the most part, funeral home owners should have been researching what they were getting involved with, but as this thing unveils itself, any research that could have been done would have only ended up with someone involved in the scandal itself. The Cassidy’s are not stupid people. They have successfully operated one of the biggest money laundering scams for years and years. Not all funeral home owners & managers are horny old coots looking for a booty shot by their pre-need representative…..most of them were taking the word of a well trained scam artist accomplice. (sorry to all of you that are offended by that, but in hindsight, you must realize it now that you were only given the information that you needed to sell the product, right?) Most of these sales representatives were completely clueless of the bigger picture, but then again, many of them had serious doubts, but never questioned them. We would all love to think that we live in the trusting world of the Walton’s family, but we don’t. The Cassidy’s are vial, self promoting crooks, that prey on unsuspecting individuals, whether it be clients or employees. They will build you up and make you believe, then drop you like a rock if you ever question. Many of us (former employees of the Cassidy’s) still stay in touch and talk about all the things that were going on right under our noses, and we had no clue. All I can say is that if I was your rep, I’m sorry. I have lost many nights of sleep knowing that I played a role in all of this, not on purpose, but nevertheless, I helped them basically make millions and screw a lot of people. (not that it even compares, but I never received my last paycheck and found out that my insurance had been cancelled three months prior to me leaving the company). Let’s not argue and point fingers at each other. Let’s make the Cassidy’s answer for their wrong doings. We are all in this together. We owe it to the families that we serve, to move forward from this and be wiser next time! Short skirts or not…… Never trust the words being said…………research, question, and use that God given gift of intuition!

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