Third Party Caskets

Your review of the FTC opinion is correct. However, your biased article is deficient in information. If a family buys a third party casket and has it delivered, say, two weeks before the death occurs (keyword is “occurs”) the funeral home has every right to bill the family for storage space. No obligation falls to the funeral home until death occurs. Also, the funeral home is under no obligation to assist the delivery agent with unloading the casket from the truck, if all other casket suppliers to that funeral home unload their own deliveries. FedEx is a large perpetrator of this practice. FedEx will unload a casket, from a special truck, and dispose of the large amount of packing material if the buyer pays an extra fee ranging from $200 to $350.00. I agree that a family has the right to buy a third party casket but, don’t saddle the funeral home with huge amounts of plastic and cardboard to dispose of; which the funeraql home has to pay for!

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