The spinster aunt and the funeral parlor

I Blame The Patriarchy
March 16, 2008

For lo, and it did come to pass that the sibling and I were obliged to saunter along to the Sparkman/Hillcrest Funeral Home, Mausoleum, and Memorial Park [premier SCI facilities in Dallas TX] to pick up the patriarch’s ashes. For some reason – maybe because we’re not a couple of swooning Victorians – we’d expected to stroll in, palm the urn, and buzz along home.

“Got our urn?”

“Here ya go!”

“Thanks. See ya next time!”

But no. The consummate weirdness with which modern American death-angst imbues the mortuary biz turned what should have been a 5-minute transaction into a Gothic theatrical production that dragged on for half an hour.

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Our thanks to Charles at the GOOD FUNERAL GUIDE for leading us to this article.

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