The Cassity family is just plain bad

These are just bad people. It doesn’t bother them how many innocent people they have dragged into this mess as long as they get to keep all of the ill-gotten stuff. There are upwards of 300 lawyers filing briefs as we speak all over the nation for both sides. Not even Bill Gates has this kind of available cash to pay for these kinds of legal fees. Guess what? The government will have to pay these fees after NPS et al is found insolvent. At the same time the Cassitiys will be summering in Nantucket with the real rich people who actually earned their riches. [Note to commentors from FCA: The quotation below is from Bill Stalter’s blog, When quoting material from someone else’s site, make it clear where the material came from. Also make sure you set off the material in quotation marks so it doesn’t look like you’ve written it.] “The Cassitys have a rearguard strategy after all. The Texas Department of Insurance paid a price for gaining control of NPS and its sister insurance companies: A Rule 11 Agreement. Texas has agreed to not bring litigation against the companies, or various individuals and firms related to NPS. A very steep price, but one Texas may have felt it had to pay in order to gain control of the NPS/Lincoln records. The $640 million question is who will pursue the Cassitys if the NPS cupboard turns out to be bare? ” What about the other states? Can they sue the Cassitys? Are they pursuing criminal charges? I’ll bet they are. Tx would not have protected this criminal family unless they knew other states had the goods on them.

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