Thanks =) I shall rage…

Thank you for your thoughts Eaton. I had really hoped my hyper and passionate tendancies hadn’t discredited or distracted from my points. My family has been blessed to do business with an amazingly compassionate and family-oriented parlor for at least a decade. The nature of the business should demand no less! I fear consumers in Louisiana and some of the other states that foster heartless funerary cartels have simple grown complacent, knowing no other environment in that regard (I’d say nationally we’re all a little guilty of growing complacent to overreaching government regulation), and not realizing how ridiculous the law is until they have a thought disagreeable to a funeral director while laying a loved one to rest. It is my hope that the fact the state of Louisiana, a predominantly Catholic state, is attacking MONKS who tried to work within the system over something as personal as caskets will garner the attention and outrage needed for folks to say enough is enough.

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