Thanks for your article-I want to get involved in the business.

I, and friends were excited about an article in the Missoula Independent about an eco-friendly cemetery. We were all worried that we would have no choice, after trying to live earth friendly, but to turn our bodies over to large companies with phony/profit motivated sympathy, to encourage us to waste dollars, energy, and materials, put poisons into our bodies, for a “decent”/legal burial. There must be many more with the same worries. I’ve helped at a friend’s Fathers Funeral Home, have a small shop and woodworking skills, artistic abilities,…, and I even had to properly prepare my own father for services, cutting his hair, shaving, makeup,…, after the funeral home charged us thousands for such non-services. I’ve also worked in a Catholic Hospital that left the deceased patients dentures in the sink, heads low to collect blood, mouth open,….. I would love to start some sort of business, be it Custom Montana Made Caskets, or helping families care, clean, dress,… loved ones with dignity and love. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Time is right to start a business given this economy and the costs family’s shouldn’t incur for basic dignity. Motivation is here, but business and legal matters are scary.

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