Jill, Did you see that this article is 11 years old? Also, do you work for SCI? If you do, you have an ethical duty to disclose that affiliation. You claim that any prepaid plan can be transferred to any other SCI property. How to explain, then, the complaints from consumers that the original prices in the contract were not honored at the new SCI location? You state this: “For instance if one dies before the plan is paid off, SCI covers the remainder portion. Hello, can you say protection! ” Are you claiming that every SCI prepaid contract, in every state, abides by these terms? If so, please provide evidence. Frankly, even if what you say is true, it makes no economic sense for consumers to “protect” themselves by prepaying one of the most expensive funeral companies. With some exceptions, the SCI funeral home in any given market is likely to be among the most expensive – sometimes the single most expensive. Consumers can better protect their pocketbooks by choosing funeral homes that don’t charge highway robbery prices.

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