I worked for SCI for a little under 2 years, finally, after the manager not showing up yet again because of this persons eccesive drinking. I called them at home and told them it was best to get there because I was leaving, I quite. What a nightmare that place was. They actually had a tally board in our office to see who sold more “Dignity” packages than the other and then you were graded by some stupid color scheam. I finally opened my own place, you know. A simple little Mom and pop funeral home were ccaskets are worth the price of a casket, not a Porche. Like those they sell at SCI. And a Cremation is worth that of a Cremation, not an elaborate funeral service. I so dislike that place, and to add insult to injury, when I opened my place I had a Saturday service that the family paid overtime for internment at this same “Dignity” cemetery. When we gotr there for internment at 1PM, no one was there, I had to threaten with legal action to get a response from the answering service and find me someone to handle my service. What a nightmare……..

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