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I own Central Monument Co. in Keithville, La. I also own Central Monument & Casket Co. in Texarkana, Texas. We have been listening to our clients complain for years about the increasingly high costs of funerals and we discovered that half that cost was the caskets. People could not afford a nice monument. I live in Texas and decided to open a casket store in Texas. FTC allows funeral products to be bought in another state and can be delivered to funeral homes or anywhere in Louisiana. This is exactly what we are doing. Now, the La. Funeral Board has been trying to stop us since we began this. They sent someone to our shop in Keithville to ascertain if we sold them here or not. They learned we did not. I studied the law and am well aware that Louisiana laws will not allow this. They are trying every way in the world to stop us. Okay, Central Monument and Central Casket merchandise have been advertised in the Shreveport Times. Now the Funeral Board has manipulated the law concerning advertising to fit their mold. They say we can not advertise caskets. They want to shut us down. How monopolyzing and par for the course for Louisiana to pull this. They have subpoened my son who is the registered agent in Louisiana to answer for advertising. This particular law is so loose you can drive a truck through it. They can make it any way they want it. Why are they not out reprimanding the funeral homes for unprofessional and unethical behavior? We have PROOF POSITIVE that certain funeral homes are behaving in unprofessional and unethical behavior and blatantly breaking every law the funeral board is legally bound to uphold. Where are their subpoenas? Why aren’t they being fined? By the way, why are funeral homes selling monuments? If they do not want others selling funeral goods then why don’t they stop selling monuments? The people selling monuments do not know the first thing about a monument other than how much commission they can make. Also, BREAKING NEW!, we just spoke with an attorney with the La. Attorney General’s office about the harassment we are receiving from the funeral board. He told us that the funeral board is harassing us. My two companies are in a joint venture to advertise and that is perfectly legal. We do NOT sell nor display caskets in Louisiana and that is all they should be concerned with. However, if anyone wants to go in with us to file complaints and/or lawsuits against the funeral board and/or funeral homes please contact me at We have to do something to stop the corruption and greed. A funeral is not the place for this. Do you not agree? I also know that the funeral industry pumps millions of dollars into politics so nothing will be done by the politicians. Been there, done that.

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