Remembering Jessica Mitford: A Funeral Director’s Conversion

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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Remembering Jessica Mitford: A Funeral Director’s Conversion

I had heard the name Jessica Mitford, while growing up, but the name did not strike a familiar bell with me as a child. It was many years later, that I was officially introduced to the significance of that name. I was a student in mortuary college and if I recall correctly, it was our second day in class …

On that day, we were told of a mean-spirited, viscous and unethical woman who had attacked the funeral industry for no reason. According to my professor (a licensed funeral director), this woman created so much damage to the industry and the general public had bought into the hype surrounding her book filled with myths, fabrications and false facts …

I have since read Jessica Mitford’s book The American Way of Death, along with her other literary works. If you have not taken a look for yourself, whether you wish to think about death or not, I would encourage you to give the idea a thought.

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