Hi Ryan, In answer to your questions: 1. No, funeral directors are allowed to skim the interest from your account annually, plus a 20 percent commission of the principal. You will not get your interest back if you cash out. 2. Funeral homes are supposed to guarantee the prices if they signed a contract saying they would. In a perfect world, they do. I’m afraid, however, that some are going to find ways to wheedle out of it if the investments go bad. Customers have a right to expect them to honor the contracts, of course, but experience tells me there will be bad apples. So, if you’re asking me if a prepaid buyer can feel secure, I’m sorry to say I can’t give you that assurance. I hope Missouri citizens will write their lawmakers and demand a fix to these broken laws. I blog about this stuff so consumers and lawmakers can understand the dangers consumers face, but it’s up to regular folks in Missouri to take that information and stand up for their rights.

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