Price of Passing Away – Home Funerals & Green Burials

KMVT Channel 11
Twin Falls, Idoho
Feb 11, 2011

TWIN FALLS, IDAHO (KMVT-TV) In part 3 of the price of passing we look at alternatives. “Lot a talk right now about home funerals. This is where people can bury their own and handle their own family members who have died without any involvement of mortuaries.”It can and does happen, Loyal Perry with the Funeral Consumers Alliance of Idaho says people are getting more involved with their own burial services right down to the casket, which he built for about $90 and keeps in the basement.

Read the full article and see video [3 min 44 sec] at KMVT Channel 11


Price of Passing Away – Cremation [video: 1 min 47 sec]

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