Preneed Contract Forms: Worth The Paper They’re Written On?

Death Care Compliance Law
October 20, 2010

With the exception of a few states, each form of preneed funding has its own statutory requirements. Consequently, different contract forms are required for each method of preneed funding. So, what does this mean for the consumer worried about the safety of funds paid to the funeral home or cemetery.

Among the pecking order of contract forms, insurance funded contracts generally tend to be among the more compliant forms. The larger preneed carriers understand that if they are to win the funeral home’s business, the carrier must be able to provide the funeral home with the preneed contract form. When there is a problem with an insurance funded contract, often it is because the agent has chosen the wrong form. For example, the recent law change in Illinois requires new disclosures to be made in the contract form. If the agent pulls an old form, the contract is in violation of SB1682.

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