people running this cemetary are a bunch of money hungry lying thiefs

I have been told several inaccurate policy’s regarding burial laws in the state of Texas by this cemetary particurlary one employee named ROOT I will not justify calling him MR. because he is a lying little worm of a human being and I am sure there is a spot waiting for him in hell he does not know Texas law regarding your rights or laws pertaining to be buried in Texas & has lied to several people to extort more money out of them.I suggest he & any one wanting to find out about your rights look up texas law’s library.internet,or consult with your lawyer because this wezel and his company will do anything & tell you every concievable lie to get money from you! they will rip you off big time! Preying on people’s grief as I said there is a special place in hell waiting for this bunch of thieve’s!!!!

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