Pennsylvania Laws to protect us against well meaning family members

I am a citizen of Pennsylvania and this matter captured my interest. Imagine, family members preparing the body of a fellow family member. How ludicrously odd and outrageous. I did some further study and found that Pennsylvania also has a law at Title 63 Section 551 which provides only a licensed barber may cut the hair or mustache or beard of another. Well, my daughter cut my hair for me about a month ago, so I’m turning her in for prosecution. She caught me at a weak moment and convinced me that by saving money from a barber, we’d have more family funds to pay for her education and medical needs. I had no idea that she might kill me or infect me if she had not cleaned the utensils well enough. I mean, should I trust her just because she’s my daughter and loves me. Thank goodness we have the Pennsylvania Dept. of State to protect us against loving family members who try to conserve family funds and do things that bind the family together!

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