Online pricing requirement

As a funeral director, I applaud California’s attempt to require funeral homes with websites to include pricing. Our website has contained full pricing for several years, and we are starting to see folks come to us from other areas because of it. Vague websites without pricing are worse than not having a website at all. Consumers who are shopping online find the lack of pricing and concrete information irritating and suspicious. Fearing that a neighboring funeral home will have access to your pricing is a poor excuse. To funeral directors reading this, you should know that your competitors can get, and already have your pricing obtained easily through any number of means than a website. Even the template websites will allow a lot of information if they are used correctly with a small dose of imagination. Funeral homes that resist putting their pricing online are going to see customers going elsewhere. The number of hits to our website, and the pricing section in particular, as we watch our calls increase, has proven to us that it’s the only way to stay viable with a generation of folks who spend a lot of time researching online. Replace the “Our family serving your family” with real concrete and concise information and the public will reward you for it!! Just do it!!

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