On your grandfather and Neptune

I’m glad you had a good experience with Neptune, but that doesn’t invalidate the company’s problems. They’re not isolated incidents; they’re systemic, as ought to be obvious by reading the articles about Neptune here. You did notice they’re in legal trouble, didn’t you? None of this takes away from the good experience you had, and I’m glad you had it. But don’t cover your eyes to the truth in order to protect your good experience. That experience is yours, no matter what. But it doesn’t change the fact that Neptune is a deceptive company, and FCA cannot in good conscience recommend it to anyone. Surely you’re not saying that you think consumer families like yours shouldn’t be warned about potential scams? Surely you’re not saying that Neptune’s systemic problems simply aren’t valid because they didn’t happen to you? If you knew that a popular bank was accused of defrauding consumers, charging usurious credit card rates, and had violated consumer finance laws, would you still say we should judge that bank only on the individual, isolated experiences of one consumer or another? – Josh Slocum, exec. director, FCA

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