Oldboy network pulling strings

Simply use their legislation against them, challenge what you know to be junk, distort what you can to your own use. Same as it ever was. Not to worry, this is the old boy network, and it only works locally, and it only works when not exposed to the light of the world around it. It will fall by the wayside shortly… “Requires burials in new cemeteries to be done with “leak-proof” caskets and vaults”. Biodegradable plastic bags/shrouds. Would take a decade or two, but the “danger” would have long since subsided and “protection” would have been enforced. Critereon met. “Requires all new county cemeteries to be walled off by a fence to keep out “wild animals.” Okay, an fence 4′ X 7′ X 4′ X 7′ made of raw lumber around each new grave. They did not specify the entire plot, just that the dead be fenced off. Critereon met. “Requires all burials in new cemeteries to have an “appropriate” and “permanent” grave marker.” A simple proof of concept that a southern pin oak will last 400 years; a marble marker only 120. Define “permanent” because “appropriate” is entirely subjective to the people signing the check. Critereon met. “Violates citizens’ rights to bury their own dead privately by requiring funeral directors to supervise all deaths from “communicable disease.” Okay, a court challenge. Or, include any willing, decent and honorable funeral directors to be included in private affairs for free so they can sign off on this B-S legislation. They will get the gratitude of the grieving as payment, a free meal, and the business of those that want their usual services. Critereon met. “Bans private burial on rural land…” Define “private”; or the definition of ‘private land’ as land being used in one’s personal affairs. Again, a court order. Would not even reach trial before being thrown out (as long as it was a state court, not county), something about one’s home being one’s castle…. Obstacle discarded. This stoopidity. Makes me boil, but these string pullers are dead wrong and sure to fail. Expect to see more of this, but be glad for it as it will only help green burial in the long run. You see, there really is no such thing as “bad” publicity. The higer this fight reaches in the judicial system, the more likely it is to drive up the demand for natural burials. Thanks, backwards redneck oldboy network!

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