Ohio SB 196

#1, Most Ohio funeral homes never take the 10% it is just a “possibility” of getting money if necessary. I support any group that “appreciates funeral service” and respectes the value of “life”. The 10% issue is a business action to help recover its “cost” already associated with the “professional” time and courtesy extended, besides the Funeral Home has to pay Taxes on those funds thru the Bank Trust, pay a CPA to accuratley detail the data for all of the clients on a yearly basis, and NEVER paid an employee out of the Trust for their time to sit with a family/phone calls, etc. Did you know that Ohio Treasurer requires the funeral home pay its Sales Tax to the State when a preplan/merchandise has been completed? And if the funds are transferred to another funeral home, we Never get the money back, and the “new funeral home” will have to pay sales tax again when the “merchandise” is sold by a new funeral director!!!! Many funeral directors are good people, and I believe the Ohio Funeral Directors are protecting the PEOPLE from and BAD funeral directors from “TAKING” others money improperly.

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