NPS Reps

The skirt who was in charge of the “NPS Girls”. Rumor has it she was making about 800,000 a year!!! She has now started her own insurance agency. Talk about arrogance!! You can’t blame the advisors who worked underneath her just because they are women! I am a woman and I blame my myself for not doing MY research on Lincoln Memorial. My decision had nothing to do with the representative who called on me, much less how short her skirt was (which she always dressed in a professional manner). It was a good product and it did what they said it would do for MANY, MANY years. I learned a lesson and that is to check your companies financials on an annual basis. Things change. Shame on you “Thomas Jefferson”. Frankly, your comment is insulting, volatile & self-rightious to have much credit. You are playing on all of our personal guilt & feelings of “being taken”. Apparently, if it had been an attractive, buddy type, male sales force who took us golfing, fishing, hunting… That would be more acceptable? I AM doing business with my former rep and I can assure you it has nothing to with the length of her skirt or my desire to get her in my bed!! She happens to be working with an AM Best A rated insurance company with solid financials. I have looked them up and I have done my research. They have an A rating with Weiss as well!! I will continue to check their rating and financialy every single year.

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