NPS and Forever

The lawsuit lists personal enrichment for various defendants– “The RICO Defendants used the ill-gotten funds for a variety of improper purposes, including to personally enrich themselves. For example, within the past five years, NPS paid the following personal credit card and other expenses of some of the RICO Defendants: a) $3,003,649 for Defendant Doug Cassity’s credit card bills; b) $2,707,833 for Defendant Randall Sutton’s credit card bills; c) $1,010,375 for Defendant Tyler Cassity’s credit card bills; d) $542,437 for Defendant Brent Cassity’s and his wife’s credit card bills; e) $502,419 for Defendant Jim Crawford’s credit card bills; f) $463,472 in direct, non-salary payments to Defendant Randy Singer; and g) $146,521 for Defendant Tony Lumpkin’s credit card bills.”

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