I was a director of sales for the first funeral home NPS bought in Texas in 1985. I wrote the first preneed trust contract when they promoted me and transferred me to Abilene, Tx. I assured everyone I wrote that we were insured by the FDIC and Insurance departent. I felt like their preneeds were 100% safe unless America crashed. It is still a great thing to do to prearrange all of the funerals plans and lock the price in and is a gift of love to the family. I never ever thought NPS would do anything illegal or go under.’ This is caused a few funeral homes to go bankrupt and has and is hurting many more . I hate thisso bad. I will say 98 % of the preneeds I wrote 25 years ago has been claimed by now. But this looks bad to all preneed companies and funeral homes. I still write preneeds because they are so helpful to the loved ones at the time of a death. I don’t think most preneed sales counselors have ever knowinly done anything to hurt people.

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