we are going through this now. My Grandma purchased what she thought covered all her cremation services(as my Grandpa did purchase and was covered when he died 10 years ago) only to find out they charge for the urn(ridiculously overpriced at 300 plus) and the death certificate copies. The rep told us the policy changed several years ago. In addition the rep reassured us that my grandma had been picked up from the hospital only for us to get a call from the hospital the next day asking us if we couldnt’ afford to cremate my grandma and to offer some special service as her body was still there! My Grandma would be really upset if she knew all this, god bless her soul. Kind of disheartening at a time where we were already dealing with greif. We of course purchased the urn because they told us they couldn’t release the ashes without one that sealed and we didn’t want to just put her remains in some crappy box we purchased outside of there.

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