Neptune a scam… after one phone call

I was just called by the neptune society, and after being witness to frequent online and telephone phishing scams, i can pick out a wheeler-dealer in a heartbeat.. Although i doubt this was a phishing scheme, a lot of things triggered doubt. First of all, he said i filled out a card of interest and sent it in. That was a lie. as i send about 3 letters a year, and those are usually sympathy cards. when i told him, he said that it was probably too long ago for me to remember. I am only in my 30’s i have no long term memory loss. That was the first flag. Then he wanted to meet me in person, as he ‘happened to be in town’. I live in a remote area, that leads to nowhere, someone happening to be in town in quite rare. Flag #2. Then i got a super high-pressure sales pitch that would not take no for an answer. this is what really made me leary and ultimate start googling this bunch of yahoos. if they DO perform a good service now again, it is for one reason that is witnessed even here.. rebuttals, referrals, and endorsements. but there is no way i am going to pay them a single cent in order to be entered into the ‘endorsement lottery’ of this place.

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