Moseleum Question

This is more or less a followup to an answer already given previously. My dad passed away in April 2008 from esophageal cancer and is buried indoors in an air conditioned/heated moseleum on the heart level. I have seen the insides of the crypts. They are solid concrete all the way around with no openings (solid cement tube). The only part that is not solid concrete is the front. That has a marble front. The casket is placed on a tray that has sides to it. On average, how much of the body can i expect to see to be still around right now ? Since the crypt is indoors and the crypt walls have no openings (solid cement tube), how can there be bugs/insects/flies ? If there are bugs, how would they get in ? Where would they come from ? I know there is no exposure to temperature changes or to water/moisture. It just seems that when a person is buried indoors in a crypt that is solid concrete on all sides except the front, it would serve to isolate the remains from the outside.

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