Monks V funeral directors

I worked in the funeral profession since I was 16 yo. Funeral Directors and what they do are managed by state boards that are usually ALL funeral directors. The one or two at large civilian members are nothing more then tokens. They are self serving and self managing. During the Bush years, the service corp international gave plenty of dough to keep things there way…For a funeral director to make statements that the monks are cutting into their profits, GOOD FOR THE MONKS! It is high time these guys feel it where it hurts them the most. PROFITS. I remember being paid $20.00 bucks in the 60s for about 55 hours of work..THe funeral director held on to the check until I gave thanks for his teaching me the business…Caskets are marked up 100 to 2000% in some businesses. I know what they paid for them. Its time america smarts up, One casket, Card board, partical board, wood or metal. They ALL do the same thing. Its like burying your money. Although I have a great deal of respect for the profession, I would like to see things go back about 75 years. Simple coffins. The price you pay for a casket or funeral, the amount of flowers, etc. DO NOT MEAN THAT YOU LOVED THE DECEASED MORE THAN THE NEXT GUY. Wake up folks. If you want to give your hard earned money away, Give it to the politicians . Oh sorry, you’re doing it indirectly anyway!

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