Allen: As you can see, your comment went through just fine. You might want to stop and think before you accuse people of wanting to censor you because you think we disagree with you. What “fraud” do you think families are trying to get away with? What “illegal” activities are you talking about? Once the doctor has certified the death – as happens for EVERY death certificate, family-filed or filed by a funeral director- all that’s required is for the family or funeral director to sign and file it. The legal interest in the deceased has been discharged. What “fraud” do you think can happen? And no, this is not a complicated process for the state employees, just because they’re now using an online system. Before a few years ago, these employees were regularly dealing with death certificates on paper. All they’re doing now is typing in the data (typing, not writing out longhand) from the very few family-generated death certificates. What is your concern with that? Are you a funeral director? It sure seems like you’ve got a personal stake in this. By the way, Luz Robles is no relation to David Robles.

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