Most modern mausoleums do have drains/vents built into them, mainly because of sealer caskets that have ruptured, sometimes spraying body fluids within the chamber. You can look around the ‘net and find stories about families who have sued funeral homes after buying these sealer caskets. I hope more people begin choosing “green” funeral options, which do away with embalming and caskets. Basically you are wrapped in a biodegradable cloth, then placed in a biodegradable container such as a wicker basket, bamboo or anything that will deteriorate quickly and cleanly. No vault is needed and you simply decompose in the ground and used by nature as plant/insect food. Honestly, you won’t know what method is used once you’re gone and I’d rather not having my family spending a lot of money to stick in a hole, never to be seen again. To the gentleman who was afraid of the mausoleum due to claustrophobia, I assure you that no matter how you’re buried, you’re gonna be in tight quarters. More importantly, you will not know about it so I would suggest the cheapest method that allows your family to grieve and say goodbye without putting a financial strain on them. If you have insurance, thats great. let them spend it on something they can use versus sticking it in a hole to rot and decay with you. I am being very serious here. I understand that we have so many traditions that are hard to break; I just don’t want my family robbed by a funeral home while they’re in the midst of grieving…which is a bad time to have to buy funeral services.

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