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Preneed Funeral Contract Regulations

A major redraft of the regulations for preneed funeral contracts was approved by the Board of Registration on December 9, 2003 and will be published February 27, 2004 in the Massachusetts Register and be enforced as of April 30, 2004.

As posted on the Division of Professional Licensure web site:

Press release from Office of Consumer Affairs: New Regulations For Pre-Need Funeral Arrangements Better Protect Consumers


  • Present preneed regulations adopted in 1992. (see attachment below)
  • The proposed text was published on June 24, 2003, and went to public hearing on September 9 in Boston and September 10 in Worcester.
    (see attachment below)
    Both of the above are in markup form, with strikethrough of deleted text and bolded inserted text.
  • The above proposal reformatted to just show the text as it would be after revision:
    (see attachment below)
  • Cover memo by Board of Registration explaining the proposed revisions:
    (see attachment below)
  • Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association comment letter:
    (see attachment below)
  • Massachusetts Funeral Directors Association redraft:
    (see attachment below)
  • Robert M. Folsom comment: (see attachment below)
  • Funeral Consumers Alliance of E. Mass. comment: (see attachment below)
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