Lynch v. FCA v=cb2QS3sLRog&feature=channel_page pat lynch on the link above on youtube at funeralfuturist calls jessica mitford’s, “the american way of death”….satirical and not real”…unlike their pbs documentary “the undertaking”…which was real. is that not slander towards the mitford family or jessica’s estate? at the the time of publication in 1963 here were some descriptions of this “satirical…not real” book: “A BOMBSHELL OF A BOOK…”crowded with facts every American should know.” – The New York Times “AT LAST SOMEONE HAS SPOKEN OUT and shattered the sanctimonious silence which has been shielding America’s multi-million dollar burial racketeers from public scrutiny.” – The Chicago Times “THE BEST EVER WRITTEN ON THE SUBJECT.” – Harry Golden “A BRILLIANT CASE AGAINST THE WHOLE INDUSTRY.” – The New Yorker “A DOCUMENT WHICH IS TO THE UNDERTAKING WHAT ‘SILENT SPRING’ WAS TO THE PESTICIDE BUSINESS” – The San Francisco Chronicle “A BRILLIANT BOOK….MUST READING FOR ALL OF US.” – Cosmopolitan in my opinion, the lynches are a bunch of clowns for trying to sue a consumer watchdog group and are out of touch with reality for still trying to peddle $10,000.00 funerals and $2000.00 direct cremations in one of the most economic depressed states in america.

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