Life in the Mortocracy

I have occasionally phoned, posted correspondence; I even sent a packet of FCA brochures to Andrew Hayes, the consumer representative for the Louisiana Board (the other eight are Industry). He never responded past our initial contact , where he voiced his concern about the high cost of funerals and his desire to help save people some money. I once called him about refrigeration and, honestly, he thought I was talking about the A/C!Having become a member of the Houston org., I dare say I’m the only consumer advocate he has ever encountered and the man has never, once contacted me. I dare to suggest that the man is totally out of his element or he might pursue, in keeping with open meeting statues, live taping of Board meetings, or mandating an annual GPL compliance review with mandatory updates of alterations. Let the staff attorney reviewing said GPL’s rather than trotting off to the Capital to lobby against casket retailing or consumer funeral insurance issues. I would suggest that in a state where caskets sales are limited to a cartel, that said cartel might be compelled to provide, rather than the handful of caskets mandated by statute, a full color catalog (yes, we’ve all seen them) of a vast variety of caskets of varying price and style available overnight from a warehouse in Alexandria (mid-state) which all licensees pay to maintain. Monopoly with a price.

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