Legal rights?

My uncle(mothers brother) Passed away Oct 4, 2008. He was staying with relatives 5-6 hours away, but his only of age daughter is near us. These “other” relatives paid for the cremation, never contacted us, or his daughter to notify us of his passing. It was on his daughter Melissas birthday, how sad. Anyways, I would assume that his daughter has legal right over his funeral arrangements, and his ashes, seeing he was never married. The Funeral director asked the “other family” if Melissa could have his ashes, or some of them, considering we were told by the director they were spreading his ashes through out multiple states. They refused. The funeral director stated he cannot comment on whether or not she has a legal right,seeing it was too late for a funeral/viewing/burial. Does she have a legal stand in obtaining her fathers ashes? Does she have a legal standing with pressing charges against the “other” family?

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