What about the general public and the laws that are broken time after time with DIY’ers in regards to refrigeration and burial. Who is overseeing this? Who is looking out for the publics health and welfare? Not the FCA, or had you thought about these issues before emotionally testifying for these changes? I’m all for the DIY’er, but they should also adhere to and be held to the same scrutiny that you are putting on the funeral industry. The FTC, the health department, DOPL, any other government oversight should be involved. Maybe a funeral home association can be formed to be alerted to DIY’er abuse of laws and how a body is cared for and then brought to the attention of the public to truly show what is potentially happening. Imagine the outrage the FCA would have if a funeral home put a plastic wrapped, blood covered body in the back of a truck to take home? You’d have a fit, yet you’re more than willing to have the DIY’er have full reign without any oversight. The laws are there for everyone for a purpose.

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