5/24/06 — Kentuckians can thank their lawmakers for selling them up the river. The legislature caved to the funeral industry’s demands to pass House Bill 232 (see below), a protectionist scheme to keep existing funeral home profits high while denying families lower-cost options. The only concession consumers were able to eke out were a grandfather clause allowing currently existing low-cost, low-overhead funeral homes to keep operating, and a clarification that the state won’t try to stop families from caring for their own dead. But anyone who wants to bring simple, low-cost funerals directly to the public can forget about doing it in the Bluegrass State.

1/13/06 — House Bill 232, backed by the funeral industry, would shut down low-cost, competitive funeral homes and raise prices for families. It could also take away families’ constitutional right to care for their own dead! To find out more, and to see what you can do about it, click here!.

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