Josh, I agree about newsletters!

Thanks for the information about the value of paper newsletters. We only do one a year, in the fall, and it includes a return envelope. This fall’s appeal brought in over $5,000, more than enough to keep us going another year. Some Board members were worried about the printing and postage costs, so what we did was scale back. The newsletter was four pages shorter, so it went out for the cost of a single stamp, and we saved a lot on printing by using Staples rather than a commercial printer. Despite the cutback, our donations didn’t seem to suffer. We have a new blog, but although our print newsletter featured the link, not many people have gone to it yet. I confess it’s not really in full swing yet, but I encourage people to visit and leave comments. I also have a personal blog for my mystery writing, and it’s received 37,000 visits since May, so I’m really ecstatic about blogging. But it takes work and perseverance. Visit me at Julie Lomoe’s Musings Mysterioso,, as well as at the Memorial Society blog.

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