Iowa family directed burial snafu

When a dead body enters the picture, normally rational thinking people can do surprisingly thoughtless things. Clearly Iowa law facilitates Mr. Sindric’s desires. I have run into this with home burials where local officials think they know better than the laws that were created to address these matters. This is why I believe it is EXTREMELY important for folks with alternative plans to preplan, and not wait until they have a dead body on their hands to begin the process. Mr. Sindric was in a hospice, indicating that sufficient time to preplan existed. Had he taken this issue to the newspaper while his father was still alive, public pressure may have changed the outcome in time for him to carry out his desired plans. He may have also been able to obtain success working his way up the bureaucratic ladder. Thank you to the funeral home that stepped in to help this man. You are a credit to our profession. Without knowing the firm, I can predict that they will have a successful future because doing things for the right reason is the only recipe for survival these days. Catering to every need with a smile and helpful hand just happens to be the most successful business model one could hope for.

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