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I am a college student working on a research paper for Funeral Directors and happened upon this site, and this whole episode. I am not in the “profession” either, but I am surprised at the lack of propietry in the discussion by Ms. Gray. If she would like an explanation to the painting of the industry with an unfair label, perhaps she should look inward. It is widely known that there are numerous FD who take complete advantage of the grief of the loved ones, because they know that they can. From unecessary charges of pushing for more expensive equipment and services that are not needed, to trying to sell pre-paid funerals. It is a fact that the average American family spends 2 to 5 times more than they need to. The responses seem to be extrememly defensive which would make the consumer(me) wonder why she is so quick to defend in such a way. I would agree that viewing should be up to the individual, not the industry. Perhaps she does not want the “secrets” of the industry to get out in the open.

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