inexpensive grave markers

I am a 67 year old amateur stone mason among other things. When a cousin died with no money in the family, I visited the local stone masonry supply company and found some beautiful Missouri riverstone that had broken at the bottom. It was three feet long instead of four feet (18″wide, 4″ thick – 240 lbs). It was to be a bench. I bought it for $100. I found a monument company that would sandblast in the letters and dates, and an epitaph for $3/letter ($165), with me dropping it off and picking it up. Concrete was $3.95/bag for 6 bags. The cemetery monument installation inspection fee was $25 before and $25 after. Three of us put it in (each one of us can lift 100 lbs). Everybody in the family loves it. All the other monuments are granite; ours is special.

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