Indigent Burial

Thanks for highlighting this issue! One person who was obviously writing from the State or County Health Dept suggested if people can’t afford a $100 fee perhaps they should apply for indigent burial. Indigent burial(or cremation) costs the taxpayers far more than $100. The 2yr Contract that Utah County signed back in 2007 lists their price with with a local mortuary at $760 for cremation and $2100 for burial (and that doesn’t include cemetery fees -typically $2K). Why they include a fine embalming in the contract is beyond me! Regardless, I hope that all the Counties decide that helping dispositioners file is easier than they thought it would be and reduce their fees. BTW last year the Medical Examiners Office said in Legislative Committee they would only charge maybe $25 for their new required examination of death certificates, then they turned around (somewhere mysterious to me) and made it $45. What’s a dollar here and a dollar there? It’s the principle of the thing.

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