In the Home Funeral Options Available

Years ago home funerals, like home births, were the norm. But slowly the care of our loved ones was turned over to professionals and we forgot how to care for our own. Now there is a remembering of the sanctity of this final act of love, and more and more families are seeking to have a home funeral. Home funerals are legal in most states (except CT, IN, LA, MI, NE, NY). Embalming is not required in any state (except for a few very limited situations), nor does it take a licensed mortician to transport a body. A casket for burial is also not required by law. Home funerals can provide more meaningful end-of-life rituals and this helps the families take the time they need to grieve in a familiar environment. In the comfort of their own home, family members experience less fear of death and they are free to mourn in their own way. This more natural pacing deeply honors the deceased and the experience. Being physically involved with the process can help family members in the grieving process. It gives more closure to the loss of a loved one. And it’s a relief to many people because they can “do something” rather than sitting idly by waiting for a funeral home to take care of arrangements. Sometimes a loved one may request that she wants her final arrangements to be at the hands of people she trusts and loves, rather than be taken care of by strangers. The funeral choices that people make influence attitudes toward death for literally generations to come. You can go online and purchase a casket for a fraction of the cost charged by funeral homes. Just another way to go.

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