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Thank you Mr. Slocum for posting Ms. Jackson’s latest reply to our discussion on the other thread. I believe that was the right thing to do. I will acknowledge that you did post this response on the other thread. As far as me accusing you of things you didn’t say, I reached my conclusion based on the “feedback” response you received from Lisa Carlson. If she reached the conclusion: “I find that an astonishing admission of industry incompetence,” then it’s a fair to conclude that your words incited Ms. Carlson to respond in kind. If we are truly going to be fair, the issue on the other discussion thread was *not* whether funeral directors know the identity of bodies they remove from places of death. However, look at the tone that discussion has taken on this site. It’s close, but no cigar. However, free speech is free speech. I also agree with Ms. Jackson that the three of us are trying to say some of the same things. Competently serving our families is always going to the priority. Thanks for the opportunity to post on your site.

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