how do these people sleep at night

I am in complete ah at the thought that this people could take all these innocent people with no thought at all to what they were doing. Is it really possible for so many people in this world to walk around with such cold hearts and no consciences what so ever??? While these people (Cassidy’s) are living in huge mansion’s and driving nice cars and going on vacations to their vacation homes in the Bahamas, the real hard working families are the ones that are suffering. Let’s take for instant the situation that my grandparent’s are in. They purchased the policies from Mount Washington Forever Inc. in Independence, MO. It was so hard on them to come up with the money that had to for the services and then was told a hand full of different stories. It is just so sad to me. My grandparents don’t even have the money to have a/c in the house during the summers but these people take their money and others and have all the heart can desire. I just hope they know that one day they will have to meet their maker and judgment day will come. Lord have mercy on their souls.

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