Home Funerals In Colorado And The USA Should Be Approved.

With the 2009 and beyond economy, taxes looming on people that may go as high as 50% with combined Federal and State ridiculous nonense, why must people do without food just so a loved one can be buried. Those we bury would not want this for us, nor would they want us to go further into debt for it. They loved us and we love them even if they are no longer with us. The Funeral Directors don’t love them or us, they never knew either of us. What they love is our money and what it affords them. My mother had a very simple service, and it cost about $8,000. She had a pre-need arrangement, but even with that we still had to come up with around $2,000. Of course, some people have insurance, but often that money has to go to bills left behind for medical care or credit cards etc… Granted not everyone can be buried in their back yards, I understand ground water contamination etc… Yet, if someone lives in a rural area and has acerage and it wouldn’t contaminate ground water in a certain area of that acerage, then why can’t they be buried there. Why can’t land actually be sold in Colorado with pre-approval of a certain number of souls that can be buried in a certain location of it at time of sale? If it were not sold with this pre-approval then you knew you could not bury there, if it was then you knew it could. Stipulate that the land can never be divided into smaller parcels if that is what you are worried about. Dictate in the sale if a mosoleum can be placed on the land, what size etc.. We’re already having too many rights taken from us by the Government already, and too many taxes too I might add!!! Can’t we die and be buried the way we want. I mean there is going to be a great rise in deaths in the elderly anyways if the Government goes through with there health care plan. It doesn’t take a brain to figure that out. I think you should be able to go to your local court house and get the license to transport your own deceased love ones too, as long as you can present a death certificate. This would be helpful to those in your family that need to be buried on another family members property that was pre-approved. Besides if there is ever a great war, we may be burying our dead wherever we can find the space. We ought to think about that, especially with threats from Iran, North Korea, and even if people don’t believe it Russia. American’s are waking up and getting to the point they want a say in their own lives, and the government better listen, or those officials will be voted out of office.

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