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I lost my mother a short time ago. I used a funeral home that was not locally owned. The ownership was in Texas. I was told that in the arrangement meeting. The management and employees are very involved in our community and are well known to this community. I can truly say my family and I were treated with the utmost respect and we had many options to select from and I felt we received a fair price after shopping two other locally owned funeral homes. The two locally owned firms just did not add up to what was offered with the corporate firm, not only in price but the service itself. We had a traditional service and were so pleased with all aspects of her funeral. They were professional in every way. Sure many things are expensive, weddings, cars, homes and the like. You seem to imply all funeral homes should do this service at no charge. I do not want to bury my own dead. I look to the professionals to help me plan a wonderful tribute for my loved ones, placing them in a homemade box and in the back of a truck as shown in the slide show is just something I could never do for my loved one. Death is a sure thing and should be planed for just as anything that’s important to us. It is about dignity and using a crate and a pickup makes me think we are in some third country…. sorry not much dignity in that.

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