Headstone Costs Roselawn Memorial Gardens

I have a major complaint. My grandfather died in 1983 and still has no headstone, the 3rd wife never paid for it. So I know he is a veteran (navy) and is eligible for a VA headstone/marker. This cemetery only does flat markers, thats fine. They will not accept the 24x12x4 stone marker but do accept the 24x12x3/4 bronze marker plate. The kicker is that the bronze maker plate requires a stone base of course which would cost additional monies. Keep in mind the plate is the same size as the plain stone without a bronze plate. They insist upon the base being 28x18x4. My guess is to boost sales of stone through their company. Sure they accept other bases from outside companies that are 28x18x4 but who would do that? They clearly came up with a way to charge outrageous amounts extra. Oh and they charge a 83 cent installation fee which is 3x most cemeteries. Then they charge a lower than normal amount for the stone, so it worked out the same in the end but functions to make it appear cheaper though them.

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